capoeira summer camp 2020_COVER

Ilsėkis aktyviai!
Kasmet organizuojame capoeiros vasaros stovyklą. Šiemet stovykla vyks nuo rugpjūčio 10d. – 16d.

Ilsėsimės ir aktyviai sportuosim nuostabioje sodyboje Trakų rajone, miško apsuptyje, gryname ore. Mūsų laukia daug capoeiros, akrobatikos ir muzikos! Šiltos popietės krepšinio (tinklinio) aikštelėje, maudynės (teritorijoje yra tvenkinys).
Stovykloje dalyvauja jaunimas nuo 10 metų, atvažiuoja svečiai iš kitų capoeiros grupių.

Apgyvendinimas svečių name su visais patogumais, maitinimas 4k. per dieną. Stovyklos kana 220€
Daugiau informacijos telefonu + 370 676 25202 arba el. paštu

Capoeira summer camp 2020!

We are inviting you to a summer camp that is organized by our independent capoeira school ,,Vilnius Capoeira“. Every summer, in Lithuania, people from all around the world gather together to share their experiences. Every year here participates various students from the groups like: Cordao De Ouro, Senzala, Ficag, capoeira Luanda, capoeira Brasil and etc.
Every day you will get a possibility to learn something new, not only we have 3 lessons per day, but our daily routine also includes music classes, acrobatics and rodas . After training you have a possibility to take a nap or go for a swim in the pond. All trainings are created by our school president and main coach Instrutor Vilen Moreno, who has a lot of experience in various sport areas. The summer camp has limited numbers of participants to make sure that each of them gets a personal attention required to improve their skills. On our free time we play table games, chat, or go to explore a very beautiful town called Trakai.
The price includes 4 meals per day accommodation and all trainings!
So do not be afraid to participate! We are waiting for everyone who is passionate about capoeira!

Price of camp 220€ (all included).

Trakai district is one of the most environmentally friendly territories in Lithuania. We invite everyone to this unique natural complex, in order to see all the beauty of our region with your own eyes.
This is an excellent place to rest and escape from urban noise and smoke!